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This is why I design…

I am a human being, who is a work in progress. I love life, people, and nature.  Am inspired by all those things to create beautiful jewellery. And I do it, just for you.  It gives me a lot of satisfaction when those who wear my creations tell me how happy they feel, and that they feel beautiful donning  what I create for them…

Ever since I was a very young girl, aesthetics and celebrating  beauty was second nature to me,  I loved flowers and nature and would put thing together artistically, for those I loved. My elder sister tells me that she doesn’t remember a time when I was not like this… even as a child I would put together little flower decorations around our home in old Delhi.

I grew up in a home full of sisters, who were showered with love, and nurtured by parents who gave us the best experiences that life had to offer. I studied at leading convents in Delhi, and went on to graduate with an honours degree in English from Hindu college at the Delhi University.

My father, my hero, Inder Bhasin was into sports, music and dance, and encouraged me to learn classical dance form-Kathhak , classical vocal music for years, my mother Shubh Bhasin kept an eye on our academics too. All this while i observed, and absorbed the inherent beauty in all that I undertook, and experienced.

Those early aesthetics  shaped who I am, and the work ethics I imbibed from my parents stand me in good stead even now. I travelled the world at my first job with British Airways, learning each time i flew to a new country, met new people and experienced global art and culture.

Things that went on to shape my vision… of both life and work...

My 20s were packed, as I reached my milestones at a fast pace, enjoying each step I took. I was in my early 20s when I followed my true passion and made it my calling. I designed and sold my first signature piece in 1992, demand grew by sheer word of mouth and I was exporting my designs by 1999, to the United States, the Middle East and Europe.

Creating something as beautiful as bespoke jewellery is so fulfilling. Something that added to it was that I was also helping revive the art form itself, I found talented craftsmen, and paid them their due, to nurture their heritage. Most of them continue working with me at Latique 20 years on.

A deep respect for heritage, family values, and passion fuels each of my creation. Most of all, when I see the sparkle of that precious love reflect in eye of the beholder, I am reminded that Latique, is my meditation and my karma.



This is why I design. Just for you.